ACM Special Interest Group on Information Technology Education

IT Education

The SIGITE Conference on Information Technology Education occurs every year in late October. The conference generally runs mid-day Thursday through mid-day Saturday. Calls for papers to this conference generally go out in February with papers being due in the Spring.

Published Papers

Average paper acceptance rate recently (2006-2010) has been 54%. Papers published in the Proceedings of the SIGITE Information Technology Education Conference primarily address issues around teaching and learning (pedagogy) of IT but also have focused on traditional research. Authors consist of IT faculty, professionals, as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

Publication Archive
See our publication archive for past SIGITE conferences.

Depending on the conference organizers, these conferences also sometimes have tours of local IT facilities (campus labs or local IT companies) and/or pre or post-conference workshops relating to IT or education.

Department Chairs Meeting

Preceding the conference, a special meeting is held for Department Chairs of IT academic departments within academic institutions. These IT Department Chairs’ meetings have been growing in popularity each year as they discuss issues related to leading academic IT departments.

Student Stipends

Travel stipends are available to undergraduate or graduate students whose papers are accepted for publication in the proceedings.

Upcoming Conferences

Central Florida
Hosted by the University of South Florida