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IT Model Curriculum

IT2008 Model Curriculum
Read the full ACM IT2008 Model Curriculum (PDF, 457K).

The leading driver for the start of SIGITE was work on the IT Model Curriculum. After several drafts, a large team of SIGITE members completed its work and had the four-year model IT curriculum approved and published by ACM. IT 2008: The Computing Curricula Information Technology Volume can be downloaded above, or read in full online at the ACM site, or by reading a summary here.


The academic discipline of Information Technology can well be characterized as the most integrative of the computing disciplines. One implication of this characteristic is that a graduate of an IT program should be the first one to take responsibility to resolve a computing need, no matter the source or description of the problem, and no matter the solution that is eventually adopted. The depth of IT lies in its breadth: an IT graduate needs to be broad enough to recognize any computing need and know something about possible solutions. The IT graduate would be the one to select, create or assist to create, apply, integrate, and administer the solution within the application context.

Pillars of IT

Pillars of IT

The above diagram depicts the academic discipline of Information Technology. The pillars of IT include programming, networking, human-computer interaction, databases, and web systems, built on a foundation of knowledge of the fundamentals of IT. Overarching the entire foundation and pillars are information assurance and security, and professionalism. While this figure does not depict all aspects of the IT discipline, it does help to describe the relation of the key components.

ACM Computing Disciplines

The IT discipline is one of the five computing disciplines identified by the ACM. To read more about how IT Curriculum fits into the other computing disciplines,

ACM Computing Curricula 2005
This ACM report provides an overview of the five different kinds of undergraduate degree programs in computing that are currently available.