ACM Special Interest Group on Information Technology Education

SIGCAS Symposium on Computing for the Social Good: Educational Practices

SIGCAS is the ACM Special Interest Group that addresses the social and ethical consequences of widespread computer usage. SIGCAS’ main goals are to raise awareness about the impact that technology has on society, and to support and advance the efforts of those who are involved in this important work. SIGCAS collaborates with other ACM bodies that are engaged in related work, such as USACM, SIGITE and SIGCSE.

This year, SGICAS will be running a Pre-Symposium Event at this year’s SIGCSE in Kansas City, Missouri, Wednesday, March 4, 2015, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm Central Standard Time. The title for this year’s event is Computing for the Social Good: Educational Practices (CSG-Ed), an umbrella term meant to incorporate any educational activity, from small to large, that endeavors to convey and reinforce computing’s social relevance and potential for positive societal impact. This SIGCAS sponsored symposium is an opportunity for CSG-Ed practitioners to present their projects/practices. The goal is for current and future CSG-Ed practitioners to share best practices, discover new collaborators, review common pitfalls (and how they can be avoided), and discuss how SIGCAS can support the many varied individual and group CSG-Ed efforts.

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