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SIGITE 2011 Deadline Extension

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One of the interesting experiences of being a conference Program Chair is discovering that professors ask for extensions more frequently than students. Evidently, all across the world, ultra-critical dogs have been consuming first drafts of SIGITE papers …

Seriously, I know that for those on a semester system, the end of April is a busy time. Thus, I have extended the paper deadline to midnight Friday May 13.

Edit: The new deadline is now Friday June 3, 2011. That’s it: no more extensions!


Hello everyone. I just wanted to remind you that the April 30 deadline for the 2011 SIGITE in New York is fast approaching. This conference promises to be the absolute finest SIGITE to date. It will, I’m sure, be a flawlessly organized conference in a beautiful and historical location with New York City just around the corner. What more could you ask for in a conference?

Now I’m sure many of you had pledged to give up writing conference papers for Lent, but with Easter just around the corner, you now have no excuse. So next week, start writing that conference paper, poster, or panel idea and have it ready for their respective deadlines.

The URL for submissions

To see the call for papers

Paper Reviewers Needed

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Wanted: Volunteers willing to demonstrate their superior discernment, acumen, and perspicacity. Like any communal activity, academic conferences depend upon volunteers. SIGITE 2011 is no different. Currently, we are looking for people willing to volunteer as paper reviewers. Like eating broccoli, reviewing papers is incredibly good for you ... but without the bitter aftertaste. Read more


At this time of year we are often swamped with a wide variety of teaching responsibilities and as such we tend to postpone everything else until that huge stack of student papers or student Java code printouts are marked.

While I am feeling this as well, I do want to remind everyone that the April 30 deadline for submitting papers for SIGITE 2011 in New York is also approaching. This conference promises to be the best SIGITE yet, so be sure to leave room in your schedule for writing your SIGITE 2011 paper submission.

SIGITE 2011 Paper Submission is Live

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Paper and panel submissions for SIGITE 2011 are due April 30th.  The submission system is now live and accessible here.

Col. Bryan Goda, a co-chair of the conference, has informed me that he has secured a member of the IBM Research team who created the Watson; computer (famous for its appearance on Jeopardy) to be the keynote speaker at the conference.  If you were on the fence about submitting a paper for the conference, I hope this will be a factor in your deciding to do so. Read more

Call For Papers – SIGITE 2011

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I am happy to announce the official Call for Papers for SIGITE 2011 on October 20-22, 2011. This year’s conference will be held in the historic Thayer Hotel, on the grounds of the US Military Academy in West Point, New York. Read more